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Ten Years of Existence of IAP Infectious Diseases Chapter............
Dr Tapan K. Ghosh
Chairperson 2006-2007
IAP ID Chapter

The Beginning of the Chapter

Infectious Diseases Chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics is celebrating its 10th year in 2007. The idea to form a subspeciality chapter of pediatric infectious diseases in IAP was conceived by a few persons since 1990 but the permission of Central IAP was received in 1997. Some important members in the beginning were Dr T Jacob John, Dr Raju C Shah, Dr Y K Amdekar, Dr P S Patil, Dr Ashok Kapse and others. During Ahmedabad PEDICON 1997 the formation of IAP ID Chapter was approved in the General Body and an ad hoc was formed with Dr T Jacob John as the ad hoc Chairperson of the chapter and Dr Raju C Shah as the ad hoc Secretary. Ultimately Dr T Jacob John became the founder chairperson followed by Dr Raju C Shah (2002-03), Dr Ashok Kapse (2004-05) and myself (2006-07). Dr Raju C Shah was the founder Secretary and I had taken this responsibility from him in National Conference of Pediatric Infectious Diseases (NCPID) held in Pune (2001) for the year 2002-2003. I was elected for the second term (2004-2005) as the secretary and Dr Vijay Yewale had taken over the secretaryship from me in 2006 for a term of 2 years (2006-2007). In Kochi PEDICON in 1998, when the first public program of IAP ID Chapter was held with Dr T Jacob John, Dr Raju C Shah, Dr P S Patil and Dr Ashok Kapse as the speakers, myself and my colleague Dr Ritabrata Kundu were mere listeners but that was a touching the history making event for us, we both became very much involved in the activities of the chapter later on. My background of training in Central Research Institute, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh in the field of immunization had attracted me towards ID chapter. In Patna PEDICON in 2000 I became the joint secretary of this chapter and thus my journey in ID chapter had started, though before that myself and my colleagues of IAP West Bengal had organized the 1st NCPID (National Conference of Pediatric Infectious Diseases) in the Indian Museum of Kolkata in 1998.

History of 10 National Conferences of IAP ID Chapter (NCPIDs)

The first NCPID in Kolkata was a grand success and a good beginning for the chapter. This was followed by the other NCPIDs in Delhi (1999), Chennai (2000), Pune (2001), Surat (2002), Agra (2003), Hyderabad (2004), Mumbai (2005), Chennai (2006) and this time (2007) the X NCPID will be held in Bangalore in the great Convention Center of NIMHANS.

Development of the Chapter and Its Membership Strength

The chapter has developed gradually but stedily and today it has a membership strength of 933 who are pediatricians from all over India. Popularity of the chapter has also increased and we can say today that it is one of the most popular subspeciality chapters of IAP. Regular programs with interesting topics in various PEDICONs brought the popularity and acceptability of the chapter to the general pediatricians and members of IAP.

The Journal

After Surat NCPID 2002, we have started publishing a quarterly journal “Bulletin of IAP Infectious Diseases Chapter”. Dr Ashok Kapse was the Editor in Chief and Dr Parang Mehta of Surat was the Executive Editor. After Dr Kapse Dr P S Patil took over the responsibility of Chief Editorship. As the Secretary of the chapter for 4 years (2002-2005) and Chairperson for last 2 year (2006-2007) I have observed the sincerity and dedication of Dr Parang Mehta in bringing out the journal and maintaining a good standard.

The Mid Term National CME Program (CMEP) of the Chapter

The chapter is holding a Mid Term National Program in every year which was also started in Kolkata in 2003 followed by Ahmedabad (2004), Bangalore (2005), Delhi (2006) and Patna (2007). This Mid-term National CMEP has also received its importance and popularity of this program is increasing day by day. Along with this program we always organize a mid term executive board meeting of the chapter.

Other Scientific Programs

Apart from various zonal scientific programs, the chapter had started organising new types of National programs of which “1st National Workshop on Immunization : Childhood and Beyond” and “1st National CME on Rational Use of Antimicrobial Agents” need to be mentioned separately and these were organised in this year (2007) in Kolkata and Ahmedabad respectively with great success. These programs will be continued also in the coming years. Moreover, this is for the 2nd time “National Update on Pediatric Infectious Diseases (NUPID)” was organised in Nagpur. The 1st National Update was organised in Mumbai 2 years back in 2005. Hence we can conclude that the chapter is now the most active subspeciality chapter of IAP academically with the round the year scientific programs in different parts of India.

Best Subspeciality Chapter Award

The chapter had received best subspeciality chapter award in PEDICON 2007 (Mumbai) for its various activities and truly the chapter describe this Award for its various activities.

IAP IDC Newsletter

Apart from the journal, the chapter has started publishing regularly its “Newsletter” twice in a year and “IAP IDC Newsletter” is published in colour from this year. The Newsletter contains various news regarding the chapter’s activity.

Publication of Books

1.In 2006 during IX NCPID in Chennai a book entitled “Infectious Diseases in Children and Newer Vaccines” was published as myself its Chief Editor from Jaypee Brothers Medical Publisher, New Delhi.

2.The most important is publication of “IAP Speciality Series on Pediatric Infectious Diseases” during PEDICON 2007, Mumbai.

3.This year another book entitled “Controversies Answered : A Monograph on Vaccinology” was publishedduring 1st National Workshop on Vaccinology – Childhood and Beyond.

All these books are well accepted by the pediatricians.

Dr A Parthasarathy Oration

IAP ID Chapter organizes an oration during its National Conferences (NCPID). It was decided that from this year the name of this oration will be “Dr A Parthasarathy Oration”. Dr A Parthasarathy was the former National President of IAP and one of the Chief Editors of “IAP Text Book of Pediatrics”. He was the Convenor and later on the Chairperson of “IAP Committee on Immunization” . He is also the author of many popular books of pediatrics. To acknowledge his great contribution to IAP, this oration will be named after his name and in this year, oration will be delivered by Dr Thyagarajan, former Vice Chancellor of Chennai University and a great microbiologist.

Logo of the Chapter

Previously the chapter was using the logo of IAP but from this year a new logo was made and accepted by the members. The new logo is in use from this year, which also incorporates the logo of IAP in its center.

Protocol on Pyogenic Meningitis in Children

This year (2007) IAP ID Chapter has already prepared the “Protocol on Pyogenic Meningitis in Children”, which will be published soon. This is the 3rd protocol prepared by IAP ID Chapter after malaria (2005) and enteric fever (2006).

Problem Solving in Pediatric Infectious Diseases

A Program under IAP Action Plan 2007We are grateful to Dr Naveen Thacker, National President, IAP 2007 to plan this program under IAP Action Plan 2007 and his trust on members of IAP ID Chapter like Dr Ritabrata Kundu. Dr Tanu Singhal, Dr Indu Khosla, Dr Nupur Ganguly, Dr Suhas Prabhu, Dr Baldev Prajapati, Dr Rohit Agrawal, Dr Vipin Vasistha, Dr Vijay Yewale and myself to make the course material and the teaching slides. This program, will be held in 60 branches of IAP in different parts of India. I feel it a privilege as I am selected as its National Convenor.

The Work Left

A lot has been done for development and growth of IAP ID chapter but many important works are still left, namely :

1. Registration of the chapter.

2. A Website of the chapter.

3. Publication of the Text Book of Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

4. Starting a training course of 6 months period of Pediatric Infectious Diseases for practicing pediatricians which will start as a correspondence course (5-1/2 month) and finally will end with a training program for a short period (15 days). To begin with it will be a certificate course of a few institutes, which will be interested in this subspeciality. Later on Universities will be requested to affiliate the course.

Action Plans of the Chapter

Lastly as the present Chairperson of the Chapter I propose to take some issues as the objectives and action plans of the chapter and to continually work with these issues for at least 5 years at a stretch :

1. To bring out uniform protocols and guidelines on :

•  Management of “Common pediatric infections” and their sequels.

•  Identification and management of “Emerging and reemerging infections”.

•  Prevention and management of “Neonatal infections including NICU and nursery infections”.

•  Management of MDR infections and reduction of incidence of MDR in pediatric practice.

•  Rational antimicrobial therapy to treat pediatric infections.

2. To teach and plead for “Rational investigation practices” to diagnose infectious diseases in children.

3. To develop policies regarding “Rational immunization practices” avoiding all malpractices.

4. To impart knowledge on issues of “Safety and storage of vaccines”.

5. To strengthen strictly “Safe injection practices” I am sure if these policies can be framed up meticulously on strong scientific grounds, IAP Infectious Diseases Chapter will not only do justice to its name and fame but also can serve better for the community and the chapter will flourish in different directions. And most important will be the chapter will have a real meaning.